Totally Retro: Stallones Mix

Hello, my name is Lorcan, and I want to tell you a little story. After showing my love for this blog a couple weeks ago, one of the guys from The New LoFi contacted me and asked me if I’d like to come on as a writer for the blog! pretty awesome stuff I must say, and a great opportunity to make some headway in a blogoshpere FULL of passionate music followers.

I Break Horses – Winter Beats

Right about when I got the email, I was working on a new post for my personal music blog, a post I later decided would be better suited here on TNLF. I had been seeking out and collecting a couple of relatively new artists that belong to something special, the awesomely nostalgic Nu Disco & Electro Pop genres that so reminiscently ooze the 80’s. Genre’s which have been showcased by the likes of; Kavinsky,  College, & Tom Cru… I mean Com Truise, just to name a few off the top of my head.

So without further adieu, I present a couple of my recent favourites that have been sitting in my ‘repeat’ playlist for a few days now. hehe

Flashworx - Futurisma

 Lazerhawk - Shoulder Of Orion

Fm Attack – Invisible

And finally, A little something to bring down your heart rate.

80’s Stallone – Electric Nights

N-E-ways, I hope you found something you liked, TBH I felt all these artsits deserved a spotlight but Im sure there are hundreds more like them who are equally as good, but that all depends on WHO is judging ;) if you have any similar suggestions please drop them in the comments below as im always on the prowl for moar, Over 9000 more!

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4 Responses to “Totally Retro: Stallones Mix”

  1. MrMook 

    .Welcome, Lorcan!
    I’ve been enjoying this stuff lately (thanks to Com Truise and Tycho), but I can’t decide if it’s just nostalgia for that retro tape-warp sound, or the songs themselves. I definitely have a soft-spot for 80’s VHS and cassette tapes. While listening to that Lazerhawk track, I couldn’t help but visualize that old Tri-Star galloping pegasus that intro’d so many of my favorite movies.

  2. Lxrkan 

    I have to agree with you! that retro distortion in the synth’s coupled with the modern bass is something im never going to dislike.

    Tycho, ahhhh :) saw him last month and shook his hand, the show was amazing! I thought about including him here, but alas, i did not. :(

    oh man, i was trying to find an perfect image to represent the age this music is trying to encapsulate, Stallone is what I found… something like that would have been better hehe.

    Cheers Mook!

  3. samploo 

    You should check out some stuff of “Noir Deco”. They created some pretty awesome tunes, that deserve to be checked out:

    “Sentient Love”:
    “Escape With Snake Plissken”:
    “Future Noir”:

  4. Lxrkan 

    AWESOME! thank you very much!

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