Depeche Mode ‘Martyr’ (Anthony Toga remix)

I’ll admit, I never was a huge Depeche Mode fan. However, I am a fan of this remix of ‘Martyr’ thanks to French producer, Anthony Toga. Depeche Mode was argueably the begining of techno / electronic music as we know it. Dave Gahan and Trent Reznor were really pushing the limits of their genre in the late 80’s early 90’s and I think you can track a lot of the electronic themes today back to their music (among others of course).

Another fun fact: ‘Martyr’ never actually appeared on any album. It was released as a single to promote a Best Of compilation, but never actually made it onto an album because of its “poppier” sound.

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  1. Emma 

    I’ll agree with you there. I never was a huge fan of Depeche Mode, although, this new song they have out now is awesome!!

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