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Ten Years

Montevideo Mondays (XIV)

It may have to do with the passion for travelling: looking for music of places that are not home is like travelling without moving. I still remember the same message at the front of a Bushwick winery that I found a couple of weeks ago, when I was in New York. To take a song, a wine, to your place is the most close you can be to actually travel to the place where it came from. It happens to me sometimes, a funny feeling of  envy about the objects that come to me from countries or cities that I would like to visit.

That may be the reason why I just come back to Montevideo and do my first “Montevideo Mondays” post without using a home artist. In this case, I want to show you a sort of popular chilean artist who has a solid fanbase in his country but still preserves its indie aura: I spent a whole day listening to the music of Alex Anwandter.

Anwandter´s music has a dance-electro feel with sparks of pop rock, a field where chilean and also very well known mexican acts such as Café Tacvba can play at ease. Anwandter, who can also be related to uruguayan indie stars such as Dani Umpi or the argentineans Miranda! is a truli hitmaker in his style, and a good example is this “Rebeldes” (Rebels), his last video. His production is also good sample of the trend sense of the Santiago musical scene, a city that sometimes and in some areas seems more connected to the world than the amazing Buenos Aires.

His body of work is still developing, and we should expect a lot more from him in the future.