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Ten Years

Beyonce 7/11

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Beyonce. twerking. in her underwear. hot friends. Beyonce is not ususally the kind of music you would ‘discover’ on The New LoFi, but this video is pretty special. It’s like a selfie in video form.

Meant to be the bonus track for her latest album, the video for “7/11” is a carefully curated video showing Beyonce’s humorous side. She pulls it off effortlessly. Filming in her underwear in a hotel room (or maybe it’s her home) with a bunch of friends, she makes you feel as if you could have made the video yourself. Of course, we aren’t that hot or that talented. It flies in the face of her competition. All the over-the-top big budget videos of strong independent women, and Beyonce turns the scene on its head by filming a lofi DIY video showing a personal side. Falling over while trying to jumprope her leg, miming a phone out of the bottom of her foot; she even pulls off a Benny Hill skit mid-video. The last line “man, cos I’m so fresh / Fresher than you” is directed towards her competition rather than her audience. There’s a reason she’s wearing a regent’s crown in the last scene of the video. She’s the queen of pop right now.