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Ten Years

Only Real: Y E S T E R D A Y S

We’ve been following Only Real for quite some time now. From the moment I heard his first smash hit “Backseat Kissers” I knew the English bratty-boy had an undeniable potential. Infusing beach themes, sun-soaked melodies and slapstick rap verses, Naill Galvin has carved out a niche for himself like none other. My friends and I affectionately refer to him as King Krule’s uptown cousin, and appropriately so, Galvin is as talented as his countryman with twice as much swagger.

I remember sharing a picture he posted on his facebook profile nearly a year ago. He had a grin from cheek to cheek with a major label contract in his hand. And “Y E S T E R D A Y S” is the result, perhaps the best song he’s ever made. Studio-refined sound, crisp and clean, and everything we knew he could become. Watch out for this guy in the new year, and start reppin’ Real.