The New LoFi

Ten Years


The beginnings of the Brooklyn based band called Woods could be traced back to 2005 where Jeremy Earl recorded somber acoustic songs in his small apartment. It was little more than a humble personal outlet but after several singles Woods released its debut album entitled How to Survive In + In The Woods in 2006.

Each year Woods would release another album, experimenting with its sound little by little. In 2009 Woods released Songs of Shame, a critically acclaimed album that was described by Pitchfork as a “distinctive blend of spooky campfire folk, lo-fi rock, homemade tape collages, and other noisy interludes, all anchored by deceptively sturdy melodies.”

With some good press and a growing fan base, Woods was able to put together a live band and go on tour. The live band came together with the inclusion of bassist Kevin Morby, multi-instrumentalist Jarvis Taveniere, and cassette-collage maestro G. Lucas Crane.

Never being content with a single genre or an established formula for its sound, Woods continued to tinker with its music (as well as its bands members). By the time they released their latest album, With Light and With Love, Woods was a three-piece band. Jeremy Earl and Jarvis Taveniere added drummer Aaron Neveu to the live band to take it into 2015.

Check out the catchy anti-pop single called “Moving To The Left” off of the new album.

WOODS – Moving To The Left

WOODS – Leaves Like Glass