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Ten Years

Guy Forsyth Blues Band




Guy Forsyth has been rockin’ Austin and the world for over 20 years and it shows. Guy himself plays the saw, guitar, harmonica, banjo and slide guitar while hosting a hell of a set of pipes. He has been known to walk away from the mic mid-song to get a drink at the bar and return to the stage; his powerful, soulful vocals never missing a note or dropping in volume. The Guy Forsyth Blues band delivers a creative fusion of blues, rock and roots with a few ounces of country twang and folk rock tradition.

Heavier Rock-Blues songs like “Nobody Gonna Bail me Out” showcase their original sound whereas upbeat numbers like “Put a little Sex in it” could easily fit in at any honky tonk bar in rural Texas.

Check out their live set from St. David’s CHurch in Austin.