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Bart Baker vs Drake

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Known primarily as a parody artist, Bart Baker has given us his first original song: “Drake.”

When I first saw the video I liked it, then I hated it, then I liked it. It’s confusing but you get it at the same time. The video is equal parts funny Drake-dancing and auto-tune mixed with neon lights and R&B beats. Is it a joke? is it serious? Does it matter?

Originally from Chicago, Baker caught the ‘bug’ early while studying film at the University of Miami. He’s since moved to Los Angeles and is always finding new lyrical inspiration in the music he’s heard on the radio. Baker’s sharp wit coupled with his ambitious nature soon led him to becoming a self-taught musician learning everything from how to produce beats to writing songs.

With his first original song, “Drake” you can close your eyes and it sounds just like the Canadian rapper himself. Listen to the lyrics and realize that it’s a fantastic tribute.

Look out for Bart Baker’s full length album of original songs this December.