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Fresh Friday Mix: Oliver Osborne

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Last week we went indie with the Friday mix…. this week we are going to explore the other side of the spectrum with a bit of techno. We’ve selected Singapore-based DJ and producer Oliver Osborne to be your guide on the journey across this spectrum.

Originally from London, Oliver learned to DJ on a diet of jungle, drum & bass and hip-hop. His ear eventually turned to house + techno and he took that to the clubs.

After playing around the more well known clubs in London, he embarked on a trip around Asia. Playing some of the top underground clubs, such as Glow in Bangkok, Lola, Shanghai, Jenja in Bali, and as far afield as Mongolia, he finally settled in one of the only Asian cities that can come close to rivalling London when it comes to house and techno: Singapore.

Here we are featuring Osborne’s ode to mixes that use 112 beats per minute. “I wanted to make this mix after hearing too many warm up sets go south” says Osborne about the mix. “In my experience playing too hard too early scares people away. As such I decided to put together some of the punchier tracks in my collection and play them at 112bpm.” And he does it expertly.

The mix is called “Calm Down, Penguin!!” and it’s 109* minutes of pure techno.

Oliver Osborne – Calm Down, Penguin!!

*I think he might have missed a beat (pun intended) by making the mix 109 minutes long and not 112 minutes long.