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Ten Years

Hallowing by Etyen

Etyen is fronted by Lebanese DJ/producer Samer Etienne. Two years after the release of his debut EP, Happy New Year, Etyen have released a new EP called Out of Love. In his debut album, Etyen explored chilled out piano-based electronica but this EP has taken the Beirut-based artist to somewhere a bit difference. Out of Love is filled with hard-hitting beats and layers upon layers of melodic texture (as I write that, I’m not even sure what that means, but trust me… there is MELODIC TEXTURE. and it’s good!). The whole album is meticulously crafted and pulls from Eitenne’s broad mix of influences from Downtempo chillwave to future bass.

Stream “Hallowing” (the second single off the EP) below. If you like what you hear, grab the EP on iTunes now.

Etyen – Hallowing