Bipolar Sunshine: The Scientist


I constantly find myself wishing that artists would refrain from covering my favourite songs. I don’t ever wanna hear a voice rapping over the “Lose Yourself” instrumental unless that voice belongs to Slim Shady.

“Leave the song alone! It was done right the first time,” I stupidly said.

However, more and more artists are discovering unique ways to shut me the fuck up. Releases such as Bipolar Sunshine’s reconstruction of Coldplay’s “The Scientist”, leads me to further embrace the idea of music, like journalism, as a process rather than a product. Who’s to say when a song plateaus? There is nothing wrong with another artist telling the same story from his or her own personal viewpoint.

Bipolar Sunshine chose to deliver his rendition of the 2002 hit single in a very minimalist way –and it’s simplicity is beautiful. Straight-forward vocals that we naturally feel obligated to hang onto for dear life, coupled with the most soothing of piano keys; the perfect way to pay homage to one of the greatest-ever written lyrics.

Listen to the Manchester-born singer’s latest release here:


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