Axel Mansoor: Wasted My Love


“Floating somewhere in the triangle of chill, funk, and fresh”. I’m not certain my own words can quite describe the distinct sound of Axel Mansoor more effectively than that. I found myself instantly captivated by somber tones of the electric guitar on “Wasted My Love”. By the time the LA-based singer’s vocals were introduced to the mix, I was in a comfortable state, familiarizing myself with the solemn road ahead. However, I was very unprepared for the chorus. Initially, I thought the song had lost me, however, that wasn’t the case —AT ALL. I realized that rather than exit this ride, I simply needed to appreciate the fact that I was on a Roller coaster, and not a Carousel.

“Wasted My Love” takes us on an unpredictable journey; It toys with our emotions. It puts us down but then picks us right back up in the most beautiful way. If it wasn’t already obvious from the impressive numbers he’s garnered in such a short amount of time, Axel Mansoor is noteworthy as fuck.

Listen to the debut single, here:

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