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Ten Years

Boy Days

Boy Days are a London-based trio who are in pursuit of composing some very soulful indie pop. Following the release of their debut single, “Will You Still?” the band has unveiled the next cut off of their upcoming EP, In My Ways.

The second single was the inspiration for the title of the EP and has a lovely juxtaposition of gospel organs and 70s era vocals. The lead singer of the band describes the track as portraying “a menacing relationship of ‘cackling bedsprings’ and ‘sweat and ale’ as the brutal lover continues to get what he wants.” (blimey!) The eerily dissonant harmonies give the track a foreboding undertone, but when the three-piece launch into a chorus of pure unadulterated soul, it’s clear there’s a core of incredibly strong songwriting at the heart of the band.

Boy Days – In My Ways

Boy Days – Will You Still?

Boy Days – A Kind Of You