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Ten Years

ZOOFAN – Sunbeam

The indie electronic duo from London called ZOOFAN have just released their debut single, “Sunbeam” and it is filled with confidence and swagger. The hard edged vocals contrast nicely with the subtle harmonies and layered melodies.

Created by Hamish Wallace and Max Walker, ZOOFAN is a highly creative band who aim to make conceptual textured music that both captures the intensity of city working life as well as giving you those long awaited moments of Californian beach tranquility. They’re not just looking to create music, but art too.

After meeting at School and with surnames Walker and Wallace being the bane of alphabetical seating arrangements, meaning they had no choice but to get along they quickly discovered they had the same music tastes. However after the steady friendship the two then separated and went without seeing each other for 10 years until a chance meeting at a bar in Brixton. After immediately remembering their music passions, they started talking about how they should start a band, and a few weeks later ZOOFAN was born.

Check out “Sunbeam” below.

ZOOFAN – Sunbeam