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Ten Years

+ DEAN ‘of.the’ MAGI +

The elusive London based producer that goes by the name of ☩ DEΛN ‘of.the’ MΔGI ☩ is shrouded in all sorts of mystery. The only information I could find out about this mysterious entity was that

  1. he is from London (specifically the Kingdom of Zeal)
  2. you can contact him via his phone number 555-0123 (area code unknown but I’m assuming it’s a Kingdom of Zeal area code)
  3. and you should call him simply….”Whispa” (that’s his real name)

But who cares if we know nothing about Whispa… he makes dope ass trap music. Check this shit out:

☩ DEΛN ‘of.the’ MΔGI ☩ – ..ϟ šρЭĈ┬ЯŮm ϟ..