The New LoFi

Ten Years



It’s interesting how any form of art that you see in any given moment can look and feel completely different depending on your individual experience right then and there. I think that’s why it can be so powerful. The artist puts part of their soul into their work and each person will have something different drawn out of them when experiencing it.

With music these days, almost all of us have a plethora of choices at our fingertips. I find it can be difficult to sift through it all. But then you uncover something so nourishing for you and all of that has zero significance.

The mini film I’ve attached here is filled with a passion for something real. Simple as that. The music featured is by Knots, a band with very little information on the web. I think that is something to appreciate in this age of information overload.

Feast your eyes and revel in the inspiration.