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Ten Years

ADmin – OK Carlos

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Adam Wickens is a Bristol based producer that goes by the name of ∆Dmin. Adam has admitted that the name came to him one night after many hours staring at his PC start up screen. Fair enough.

∆Dmin’s music is funky, soulful, tropical, disco, Caribbean… it’s just the kind of music to get you up and dancing. Check out three of his singles below and prepare to get your groove on.

∆Dmin – OK Carlos

∆Dmin – Sugar Loaf

∆Dmin – Super Lover

Also check out the mix Wickens whipped up for Sleazy Beats. It’s fucking ultra chill. Look out for this record to drop in the fall on limited 12″ vinyl.


Miles Davis – Pan Piper
Admin – Sancho Panza (Forthcoming Banoffee Pies)
Admin – OK Carlos (Dr. Banana)
Admin – No Problemo (Forthcoming Boogie Cafe Records)
Admin – Sugar Loaf (Forthcoming Sleazy Beats Black Ops)
Admin – Gold Soul (Boogiefuturo)
Admin – Drifting Away (Forthcoming Boogie Cafe Records)
Admin – Flute Loops (Forthcoming Boogie Cafe Records)
Admin – Have A Nice Day (Forthcoming Sleazy Beats Black Ops)
Admin – Spirit Boogie (Unreleased)
Admin – Super Lover (Forthcoming Sleazy Beats Black Ops)
Admin – Disco Systems (Futureboogie)
Admin – Reach For Love (Unreleased)
Admin – Raw Influence (Unreleased)
Admin – Bright Moments (Unreleased)’