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Astronauts etc.


Astronauts etc. have just released a sweet EP of live recordings called Live Out Wandering. It’s a compilation of live recordings from their debut LP Mind Out Wandering. All of the tracks were recorded on the band’s sold-out tour supporting Toro y Moi last fall. You should consider it a foreshadowing of what’s to come on the Astronaut etc’s upcoming U.S. tour this year.

If you don’t know Astronauts etc., it is an Oakland, California based five-piece band and it’s the brainchild of Toro Y Moi’s keyboardist, Anthony Ferraro.

“I Know” was the first single off of their debut LP entitled Mind Out Wandering and it’s a glittering chilled-out 70s influenced arrangement which also happens to be as smooth as fuck. And while “I Know” might be the anthem on the album, it is very nicely complimented with other minimal tracks like “No Justice.” I especially like “Shake it Loose” and it’s catchy melody that opens up into a wall of synth towards the middle of the track. Anthony ensured us that “no psychedelic drugs were utilized to achieve the moment you hear beginning at 1:45. No serotonin releasers. No 5-HT2A receptor agonists. No NMDA antagonists. We don’t know anything about that….”

Check out the 4 track live EP below along with some other selected singles. …and be sure to watch out for Astronauts etc. on their U.S. tour.

Astronauts etc. – I Know

Astronauts etc. – No Justice

Astronauts etc. – Shake it Loose

Astronauts etc. – Rocket Man (cover featuring Toro Y Moi)

Astronauts etc. – Live Out Wandering EP