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Ten Years

Madeline Kenney

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I came across this fancy dream pop music today by Madeline Kenney and you’ve gotta hear it. Let’s put aside that she has an amazing voice for one second and acknowledge the lazy guitar that echoes off into a big room. It’s all contrasted with an easy going snap here, a brush of the snare drum there. The music is all very laid back which works beautifully with Madeline’s voice which is very strongly felt.

Madeline Kenney herself, was born in Seattle but lives in Oakland now. She has experience working in bakeries and studying neuroscience which (thankfully) culminates into this lovely twang heavy dream state music for us to enjoy.

Check out her new single “Tricky Way” below and give her some love on her Facebook page if you like what you hear.

Madeline Kenney – Tricky Way