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Ten Years

SXSW Day 3

BlocDay three of SXSW was about old and new favorites. Starting with the new, I had been wanting to check out JONES for some time. The electronic artist hails from London and has been featured in Honne’s No Place Like Home, which makes sense. Both groups blend rhythm and blues into their tracks with their hearty vocals. Like Honne, JONES will make you want to get up and sway to the beat or provide the perfect playlist for your next chill get together. Her track Deep is the perfect tune to get the night started.

Coming from Santiago, Chile, Natisú brings a sensuous side to the Latin indie wave. Artist Natalia Suazo is behind the project, belting out her poetic lyrics over dream-inducing beats. Her slow songs are especially hypnotic and even if your Spanish isn’t up to speed, you’ll still find yourself lost in her warm voice.

It’s 2016 and Bloc Party is still solid. I just have to that because this band’s longevity is insane. I was in middle school when everyone was rightly freaking out over Banquet and now I’m two years out of college. There’s not much to say. Their performance did not disappoint and if you were lucky enough to catch them more than once, I’m jealous. They threw us some throwback songs, but everyone went just as wild for their new stuff. You won’t have to hear any obnoxious hipsters say “I liked their old stuff better,” and if you do, they’re probably lying because the new stuff is so good. Check it out if you haven’t.