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Ten Years

Bonobo New Album

Bonobo is coming up with a new album! YIPPIIEEEEE! Not sure if you could tell, but I’m a big fan. I was hooked back in 2000 when he released his Scuba EP.

For a time, Simon Green (aka Bonobo) was putting out a new album every couple of years. Animal Magic in 2000, Dial ‘M’ for Monkey in 2003, Days to Come in 2006,  Black Sands in 2010, and The North Borders Tour in 2013. Then he went silent. Until now. Drum roll please…..

The new album is out on January 13th, 2017 and will be called Migration. You can preorder it now on For now, check out the first single off the album below.

Bonobo – Kerala