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Ten Years

Ol’ Dirty Barstards

It’s always good to hear some real hip hop. Especially coming out of England. British rapper/producer, L Martin, recently passed me a collaboration he’s worked on with Fonzie, RAYSH and Eklipse called “Ol’ Dirty Barstards.”

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“The collaboration came about during a period where I was having a lot of late night studio sessions and collaborating with a lot of different people that I rate highly,” says L Martin. “During one of those sessions, I came across this instrumental and me and Fonzie just started barring to it instantly. It was originally supposed to be just us on the tune but once RAYSH heard it he asked if he could lay a verse down. After hearing all 3 verses, I knew Eklipse would kill the last verse and turn it into a solid display of lyrics and flows combined with that old school hip hop vibe that I love.” The result is reminiscent of Odd Future’s ‘Oldie Freestyle.’ Playful lyricism mixed with alcohol consumption.

Fonzie x L Martin x RAYSH x Eklipse – Ol’ Dirty Barstards