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Ten Years

Club Bangers

After five years of silence, the illusive London-based label, Ai Records, has announced their return to the music scene. Ai Records has helped to pioneer underground electronic music for nearly two decades with a very carefully curated artist roster. Over the years we’ve seen them bring us releases from Datasette, Convextion, Najem Sworb, and Michael Manning (to name a few).


To celebrate the record label’s return, Ai is releasing a new six-track album entitled Club Bangers. As you would probably expect, the music on the album is a compilation of the best banging club music in UK right now. But the attention to detail doesn’t stop with the music. The album artwork is a clever visual pun as well. Sure, Club Bangers has a meaty helping of electronic music for you to bite into, but it is also a play on the word ‘banger’ (which means sausage in the UK).

A butcher was hired and each artist selected their favourite type of sausage. Each sausage was carefully crafted-to-measure so that it lined up to the artist’s cut in the vinyl. The end result was unique Cumberland ring of music. After they records were cut and the sausages were printed overtop of the tracks, they were then sent back to the butcher in London to be sealed and labelled in order to represent an authentic British banger experience. The design is so well done that it has been reported that people have been buying up two copies; one copy for listening and another one which is kept vacuum sealed in it’s original state.

This release is a vinyl-only release and only 300 copies have been pressed. Copies can be bought directly from the Ai Records website.


A1 by Najem Sworb
A2 by Katsunori Sawa
A3 by Passenger

B1 by Najem Sworb
B2 by Passenger
B3 by Heather

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Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.45.55