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Fresh Friday Mix: Willow

For the first time ever, we are going to feature the same artist a second time on The Friday Mix. Two months ago we featured Sophie Wilson’s Boiler Room mix and now we are back with her mix for Resident Advisor. On the mix, Wilson (aka Willow) shares her key influences and current favourites. “I went down a more off-kilter path with the [mix], using tracks I wouldn’t necessarily use in a usual club mix” says Wilson. “It’s an all-vinyl mix, and arranged in a way that takes you on a personal journey of my musical influences. With records from the start of my collection through to bits I’ve recently purchased.”

RA.569 Willow

Ian & Loz – The Fenman’s Workshop [#FF006]
Mickey Moonlight – Love Patterns (Isolee remix)
Joy Orbison – Rite Ov
Cabin Fever trax vol 21
Seven Davis Jr – One
New Look -You & I
Kowton – Glock & Roll
Marcel Fengler – Chi Twine
Kruton – Prize Goblet
DMX Krew – Wormhole
Prince – Purple Music (unreleased)
Steppin’ Wolf – Noise
Eric Cloutier – Heuristic
Missy Elliot – I can’t stand the rain
New Look – Nap on the bow
Portishead – Glorybox