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Fresh Friday Mix: Project Pablo

Project Pablo (aka Patrick Holland), is a DJ and musician from Montreal, Quebec (that’s Canada don’t ya know).

Inspired by the depths of dollar bins and adult contemporary, his records cover a wide spectrum of energy and dance music sub genres. Outside of solo endeavours, Holland co-pilots ASL Singles Club and SOBO, releasing collaborative efforts and music from friends. Two years ago, Holland was featured as the 27th guest DJ on Baka Gaijin (which means “Stupid Foreigner” in Japanese… but the blog is based in Dusseldorf I believe so figure that one out!). Anyway, the mix is pretty sweet, so we thought we’d featured it here for you to make you happier. Haven’t you learned so much from this post?!

Oh, and by the way, 2017 will see Project Pablo travelling extensively through Australia, Mexico, USA, and Europe so if you live in one of those wonderful countries, you should go check him out and stuff.

27th guest mix by Project Pablo from Montreal.