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Ten Years

Someone – The Deep

Someone is the new project from Dutch artist Tessa Rose Jackson, and ‘The Deep’ is her debut single.

The former cutesy singer-songwriter shakes off her previous self to explore the rockier depths of pop composition and discover the power of absolute freedom.

Warm, brooding groove carry you through a track that simultaneously soothes the nerves and tugs at the heartstrings. With soaring mellotron laments, slippery basslines and an almost whispered vocal delivery, the song tenderly places feelings of loneliness and self-pity in an almost desirable light.

When asked about the name she chose for her new project she said that she “wanted a name that meant: Don’t worry about who I am. Just check out what I make. I make a lot. Some you may like, some you may not. But I’ll like it. And you know what, I’m someone too.”

Someone – The Deep