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Ten Years

Fresh Friday Mix: Nachtbraker

Today we are featuring the 23-year-old Dutch DJ/producer Nachtbraker on the Fresh Friday Mix.

Earlier this year he released a 4-track EP which launched him onto the deep house scene. It’s filled with a colorful array of sounds and tightly produced percussion. But four tracks is not enough. We needed to get deeply immersed in Nachtbraker’s music. Thankfully we came across this exclusive mix he’s created for a fantastic blog called Stamp The Wax. It’s an hour long mix that gives you a look inside Nachtbraker’s mind. From vibrant jazz to deep brooding house, you get a good ear for the wide range of influences that Nachtbraker pulls from. Get involved!

Nachtbraker – Exclusive mix for Stamp The Wax


HNNY – Sunday – Local Talk Records
Buzz Compass – Waiting for you – Diggin’ Disco Deep
Gallowstreet – Hattori (Kraak & Smaak’s Hansenstraat remix) – Paradiso
Harvey Sutherland – New Paradise – MCDE Recordings
Chocky – Yeh Wanna – Big Bait Records
Saine – Bronx Medium – Diggin’ Disco Deep
Claudio Coccoluto – Tribe call sun – The Dub
Tito Wun – Sexual Dietrich – Sampling As An Art Records
Fulbert – R.A.’s edit – Fragrant Harbour
Ugly Drums & Chesney – Raw basics – Kolour LTD
KiSK – Blissanova – Apparel Music
Sek – Thug life interlude – Hudd Traxx
Disco Rigido – Love for Nobu (Hong Kong edit) – Sampling As An Art Records