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Ten Years

Non•Market Compilation 1

Non•Market is a Californian music collective based in East Bay. In a world where local music scenes are too often torn up by the forces of competition and industry Non•Market is a collaboration of friend-bands who are building up community of bands through joint releases, joint shows, basement jams and other future experiments.

Today Non•Market released their first compilation EP which includes a beautiful mashup of great new bands covering well-known bands. The EP includes five covers from Astronauts etc., Trails and Ways, Bells Atlas, and Waterstrider. The sound ranges from a beautiful cover of Caribou’s “Odessa”, to fantastic re imagining of Jorge Ben’s classic Brazilian pop standard “Taj Mahal.” Waterstrider, Bells Atlas, and The Seshen also got together for a classic soul interpretation of Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland.”

The EP is available for download on the Non•Market Bandcamp page.