Fresh Friday Mix: Nachtbraker

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Today we are featuring the 23-year-old Dutch DJ/producer Nachtbraker on the Fresh Friday Mix.

Earlier this year he released a 4-track EP which launched him onto the deep house scene. It’s filled with a colorful array of sounds and tightly produced percussion. But four tracks is not enough. We needed to get deeply immersed in Nachtbraker’s music. Thankfully we came across this exclusive mix he’s created for a fantastic blog called Stamp The Wax. It’s an hour long mix that gives you a look inside Nachtbraker’s mind. From vibrant jazz to deep brooding house, you get a good ear for the wide range of influences that Nachtbraker pulls from. Get involved!

Nachtbraker – Exclusive mix for Stamp The Wax

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Fresh Friday Mix: Ben Gomori

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Ben Gomori is the man behind the weekly show called “Turned On” where he features one hour of brand new house, techno, disco and electronica. He’s selected some pretty sick tracks on this, the 174th instalment of Turned On.

Turned On #174
(featuring Nachtbraker, Black Spuma, The Mole, Christophe, Shaun J. Wright & Alinka)

See OMYO Live During Blogtober

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#BLOGTOBER 2017 is less than a month away! What is Blogtober you ask? It’s a festival of new music. It’s a celebration of the blogs that curate that music.

In England, The Finsbury Club in London will be celebrating Blogtober by bringing together the best online tastemakers to curate 31 gigs of fresh music for every day in October. The New LoFi has been selected as one of those blogs and we are in charge of Monday, October 16th. We’ve chosen one of our favourite new artists to represent us on the night: OMYO.

Get involved with Blogtober and buy some tickets now.

OMYO – Days With You

OMYO – Lady

Chillwave Wednesday CXLIII

Chillwave Wednesday 2017

Chillwave Wednesday is a semi-weekly shortlist of chill music from around the internet.

Chillwave Wednesday is also available on Spotify.
See all of the tracks posted to Chillwave Wednesday 2017 each week on Spotify here:

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BLONDAGE – Stoned (OTR Remix)


Danish duo Blondage celebrates the success of their piercing pop hymn “Stoned” with a new remix by Atlanta, Georgia beatmaker OTR. It’s a percussive and atmospheric remix of the track. The original track’s infectious chorus is left in tact while more experimental synths are added by OTR.

“Making even the slightest tweak can change the whole dynamic of a Blondage song because of how much weight there is with the vocals” says OTR when talking about creating the remix. “It was a ton of fun maintaining their original flair while adding a little bit of myself.”

Pernille Smith-Sivertsen of Blondage says that “OTR made a great remix of Stoned that tells another side of the song’s story. We love the chill vibe and how the instrumental colours the lyrics in a melancholic and beautiful way.”

BLONDAGE – Stoned (OTR Remix)

Anna of the North

Anna Lotterud, is an Oslo-based Norwegian singer-songwriter from Gjøvik. Along with New Zealand born Brady Daniell-Smith the duo make up Anna of the North

The story of the project began when Anna was working in a shop in a small town near Oslo, settled with her first love whilst anticipating a life of routine and normality, when a customer came in and changed her life. Polite and well groomed, the woman, a stranger to Anna, began making daily visits, browsing for hours but never buying a thing. One afternoon, for reasons Anna will never know, the woman approached her and implored her to abandon the traditional life she had planned out, and go and expand her horizons. The plea jolted something in Anna, and in an act of uncharacteristic spontaneity, she booked a flight to Australia, leaving behind the life and the person she thought she’d spend her life with.

Her time in Australia was fulfilling but turbulent. She fell in love again, only to have her heart broken as suddenly and inexplicably as her decision to leave Norway in the first place. That’s when she met Brady Daniell-Smith. Brady, who’d been struggling with his own complicated relationships, was performing an acoustic show in Melbourne; Anna was in the audience, drinking with friends. Becoming friends, he encouraged her to find solace in songwriting, discovering they could make music together as a way of exorcising the demons of their love lives and the project was born. He jokingly started calling her “Anna Of The North” and the name stuck.

It’s the two of them combined that make Anna Of The North’s sparse, brooding electro-pop so potent. Brady, who’s from New Zealand and grew up partly in Australia, injects elements of the countries’ bright, vibrant electronic scene to their music; Anna brings the glacial minimalism of her Scandinavian roots. It’s dreamy, it’s anthemic, and it’s catchy as fuck. They’ve just released their debut album “Lovers” which is deeply rooted in heartbreak, relationship turmoil and moving on.

And if that’s not enough to get you interested, Anna of the North was just featured on Tyler the Creator’s new album, Flower Boy.

Check out her new single, “Someone” below:

Anna of the North – Someone

Listen to the full album

Nachtbraker – Hamdi

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Here’s a little jazz infused disco house track to super-charge your weekend. It’s called “Hamdi” and it’s by the 23-year-old Dutch producer, Nachtbraker. He’s quickly garnering attention in the deep house scene and he’s creating a reputation for mixing a wide range of genres from ecstatic slow grooves to unconventional dub tracks. If you haven’t heard him yet, check it:

Nachtbraker – Hamdi


Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 08.57.20

You have to check out this new 18-year-old British rapper called simply “Dave.” Start getting aquinted by listening to his single “Wanna Know” – taken from his brand new Six Paths EP.

Dave – Wanna Know