Welcome to Soul Sunday #1

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Welcome to TNLF’s newest regular feature, Soul Sunday. Your weekly instalment of all things melodic and ariose, brought to you each and every Sunday with 5 of the freshest sounds from the worlds of Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Funk and Soul, and packaged up into a bite-size playlist for your auditory amusement.

Today’s inaugural edition happens to fall on a British Bank (public) holiday, so in honour of the great tradition of not having to go into work on Monday, we’ve featured 5 of TNLF’s favourite UK-based artists right now. Our Lofi Best Of British if you will…

Love Dies – Jafaris

Helping to pioneer a burgeoning new generation of hip-hop artists in Ireland is singer / songwriter Jafaris, who follows up his debut single from last summer ‘Lucid’ with another melodic introspective track, ‘Love Dies’

One in Rotation – Little Simz Feat. SiR

London-based Little Simz has been a TNLF favourite ever since she dropped her ‘Blank Canvas’ mixtape all the way back in 2013, and we watched as her new album Stillness in Wonderland continued to demonstrate the artist expanding her own sound with a more melodic tone. One track that’s really stood out for us at TNLF is “One in Rotation”, produced by DK The Punisher and features SiR on the vocals.

Keep it Movin’ – Jungle Brown

A jazzy number from back in January 2016 here from UK based 4-piece Jungle Brown, the first release from their ‘Flight 416’ mix tape. The London based group consists of MaEar, MoSik, Ric* & producer Tony Bones, and this joint is a perfect combination of  dynamic verses wisely intertwined with jazz-flavored 90’s hip-hop beats.

Wifey – Kamakaze & Massapeals

Leicester MC Kamakaze (who may be known to some of you as Luton Town midfielder enforcer Matt Robinson), teams up with Massappeals — a producer with an impressive track record to date, to deliver a bouncy and colourful track telling the tale of being driven mad by someone sending mixed signals and, as Kamakaze puts it, the “frustration of those situations”.

Young – Intalekt feat. Jacob Banks

South London producer/artist Intalekt is as diverse as they come, featuring a range of sounds and moods around the theme of youth.  ‘Young’ is the first visual release from Intalekt’s debut EP ‘It Is What It Is’ (IIWII). The EP features a rich array of talents including Jay Prince, Kojey Radical, Ella Frank and more.


That’s all for #1, drop back next week for the second installment, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.

Enjoy your bank holidays…


Anna Lunoe Bullseye

Anna Lunoe has just released a big new track called “Bullseye” with Valentino Khan and Wuki. It has some relentlessly driving beats accompanied by Anna’s vocals. At the beginning of this month, they released a video for the track and it’s just as trippy as the song (check it out above).

I wouldn’t be surprised if this track wasn’t on heavy rotation at festivals this summer.

Anna Lunoe, Valentino Khan, & Wuki – Bullseye

Viena Based Duo Lea Santee


Lea Santee is a Vienna-based duo that consists of songwriter Lea Stöger and producer Manuel Hosp. Stöger and Hosp both come from an indie rock background but as their passion for electronic music grew, the two decided to join forces to pursue that sound. In 2015 they uploaded their first track on Soundcloud, which led them to #1 on the Hype Machine and got instant airplay on Austria’s biggest alternative radio station FM4.

After a couple years in the studio, Lea Santee are back with a brand new single called “Rollin'” that has a brooding bass line to underline Lea’s ethereal vocals. Look out for their debut EP which should be released later this summer.

Lea Santee – Rollin’

Lea Santee – Open Water

Look The Other Way


Family Friends have released a string of new slacker-psych-pop singles to help get you in the mood for summer. In order to stay inspired, the brother-sister duo currently share time between two of the hippest cities in the world: East London and Melbourne. The music has a 90s tilt with a sprinkle of brit-pop and alt rock. Think: Weezer, Breeders, or Beach Baby. Check out their latest two singles below.

Family Friends – Look The Other Way

Family Friends – I’m Like You

DROELOE: See Through Me


I’m an advocate of the idea that words can —sometimes— ruin perfectly fine pieces of music. Certain instrumentals leave little to no room for that extra human touch. This isn’t because there’s literally no room, however; it’s because the alignment of purposefully chosen sounds and instruments may depict a far more powerful picture than words ever could. Such is the case in “See Through Me“, the latest single from DROELOE. The dutch duo opted to allow their music to breath life on its own. “See Through Me” forces us to derive our own personalized meaning from the song, using it to tell whatever three-minute story we decide upon at that particular moment. Although the directions of our visions may vary, one thing’s for sure; “See Through Me” becomes our story to tell.

Listen to the single here:

Simple Man – Hydroplane

Simple Man is a self-proclaimed genre-confused band from Highland Park, New Jersey. Their unique flow is bolstered by the conscious, empathetic lyrical imaginings of singer/rapper Yaakov Kafka. Band guitarists Tamir Tusia, Eli Weiss and bassist Clayton McIntyre bring their unique cultural and spiritual backgrounds to life and blend hip-hop, jazz, rock, soul, and reggae to create something new.

“Hydroplane” is the first single off of their self-titled debut EP (which you should check out on iTunes).

Simple Man – Hydroplane

Irini Mando


We just got passed the new single from unsigned London-based singer/songwriter Irini Mando called “Surfin’ Sky High.”

A graduate of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Mando’s latest single is a hazy R&B track that talks about moving on and coming to terms with the end of a relationship. “‘Surfin’ Sky High’ describes how I feel about past relationships” says Mando when talking about the track. “I don’t believe in holding onto a grudge or any negativity.”

It’s the third release from her sophomore EP, “Eden” and it is accompanyed by a video that is the culmination of 6 months of filming in 10 different locations across London and Brighton. Check out the video on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq5cLYZ37Jw

Irini Mando – Surfin’ Sky High

Joy Downer

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.24.46

Joy Downer is husband and wife indie duo Jeffrey Downer and Joy Bishop. Originally from San Diego, the couple are now based in Hollywood.

The band have just released their debut EP, Radio Dreamer, which includes a couple of cracking indie chillwave tracks. I’m including their first two singles. “Caught In Your Spell” is an anthemic indie track complete with driving bassline, whirring synths and big echoy vocals while “Stranger Places” has a nostalgic theme (including the title which borrows from the 80s inspired Netflix original, “Stragner Things”). It even has a Lord Of The Rings reference burried in the song. Can you spot it?

Joy Downer – Stranger Places

Joy Downer – Caught In Your Spell