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Ten Years


Space disco from the Swedish electronic duo CYAMO

Cosmic disco, electropop, vocoder-gospel… how would you describe the Swedish duo CYAMO? The two-man band was formed a couple years ago when two long time friends (Per-Olof Stjärnered and Mathias Engwall) started collaborating together in Gothenburg, Sweden. After playing in…

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“Music for Fifteen Emails” —– A new album inspired by the empty streets of coronavirus-stricken New York City

For the album, Hewitt set out to document his experience of lockdown in New York City. As New York became more and more deserted, he went out with a field recorder to report how the sounds of the city changed. And while the premise was rooted in documenting the present, the project was very heavily influenced by the minimalist Japanese kankyō ongaku movement from the 1980s.

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