George Maple – Where You End and I Begin


The above isn’t probably what you expected George Maple to look like…me neither. Turns out that George a is a woman — an Australian singer/songwriter/producer who specializes in a sort of woozy, futuristic R&B. “Where You End And I Begin” is an impressive step forward from her debut EP last year. Here, bouncy, futuristic R&B melodies, blended with Maple’s seductive vocals, deliver a groovy-yet-sophisticated effort that showcases her musical diversity. Philadelphia resident rapper, Grande Marshall, shows up near the end to add some rhyme-driven diversity to the track, but this is about Maple and her vocal. Have a listen below and let us know what you think.

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Where there’s a Willa, there’s a way!


First of all, apologies for yet another horrible pun. I don’t even know what that title means. Anyways, you know when you’re on Youtube and you end up in an online world completely different from the cat videos you were initially watching an hour ago? Well that’s not how I found Willa’s new music video for “Stay The Night”. It appeared on my bloody television while I was eating toast. So I guess congratulations are in order. I love seeing talent like Willa getting that bit of limelight that is so obviously deserved. That been said, you can imagine my excitement when I looked at the line-up for Squamish Festival and saw her name there. This is one act you surely will not want to miss. See you in August Willa!

Now that you’ve been amazed…

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Step 2: Listen to it again…because why not


Paint Me Gold!

10289849_10152394308992486_7709988417710272676_n I spend a large amount of my time surfing the internet. Probably an unhealthy amount of time now that I think about it. But when I’m not aimlessly scrolling through Facebook getting my hourly updates about what people I don’t talk to ate for brunch, I am looking for new Music. Finding an act like Oh, Be Clever justifies the times I spend looking at my computer screen. It saddens me however, the amount of people that have not heard “Paint Me Gold” by the Salt Lake City duo. Beautifully produced instrumentals are sometimes ruined by vocals but this is not so in the case of Oh, Be Clever. They compliment each other in such a perfect way that its only a matter of time before 5000 plays turns to…well a lot more that 5000 plays hopefully. So, be clever and give them a listen …..See what I did there? No? …Ok.

Also check out “My Chest” and enjoy those shivers down your spine. Your welcome.

Bodhi Feat George the Poet – My City


My City has a lot of faces
Some can be found in forgotten places
Comfortably sound with a lot of graces
The Sun could be down on his hungry town but in London he found him a shot at greatness
My City has a lot of faces


George Mpanga, better known by his stage name George the Poet, is a British spoken word artist who began performing rap and grime when he was 15 years old.

My City was first performed in 2012, as a spoken word piece in a video directed by Rob Ryan for Deuce Films. 

Welsh duo Bodhi have taken the poem and return with a white label bootleg on Push & Run, dropping a silken house vibe in the process.  Definitely worth a listen.

The Songstress – See Line Woman (Vocal Mix)


A Deep-house treat back from back in 2010 for your listening pleasure this evening. Produced by (New Jersey House maestro) Kerri Chandler and (musician, DJ, music producer & label owner) Jerome Sydenham, the track is a smooth, sultry number to ease you through the middle of the week. Pipes, african drums and vocals by none other than Nina Simone  make this one you can enjoy again and again.

Lolye Carner – BFG (Official Video)


We featured Loyle Carner’s new EP, A Little Late, a few weeks ago, and Dazed have just premiered the video for the EP’s opening track, BFG. 

The track was written in memory of the rapper’s father, Steven Vengeance, who passed away on this day last year, and encapsulates his grief in it’s simplicity and soulfulness. Carner directed the video himself, and features his younger brother on his shoulders, while he muses on a world becoming more chaotic around him moment by moment.

“The video quite literally shows the new weight on my shoulders with me having to step up and take his place,” Loyle tells Dazed. “The idea for the video came about from my mum saying she felt like I was carrying the weight of the world.”


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The New Lo-Finds: Rubber Band Gun

thenewlofinds_03Artist: Rubber Band Gun
Horror Sounds in Stereo
Sounds Like: The Rolling Stones, Foxygen, The Velvet Underground, Surf Hardcore, The Beatles

Ok, yes, those are some wild allegations, claiming that Rubber Band Gun sounds like The Beatles And The Rolling stones? Yeah, we’ve all heard of the media founded believes that these two historic bands were great rivals when in reality they were more friends than not, but saying that a band from 2014 (’13 if you dig just a wee bit deeper) encompasses both? Is that madness? Yes. Horror Sounds in Stereo is, in fact, madness. It is horror. It is in stereo.
To be honest I didn’t really find this band on my own accord (which I wish I could say… hipster much?), I stumbled upon a tweet from Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado, promoting his friends project: Rubber Band Gun. You can also see Rado being thanked for his “infinite wisdom” on the album credits; thus one can understand the similarities in sound, production, and maybe even some compositional aspects akin to Foxygen’s Take the Kids off Broadway, or even Rado’s own Law and Order (which I highly recommend).

Let me go ahead and apologize in advance for veering off and speaking about Foxygen so much.

Also, I must inform you that Rubber Band Gun is the musical project of Kevin Basko, Foxygen’s new touring guitarist since …And Star Power was released, So that’s where the influence might have poured in. Or maybe it’s just coincidence that they sound similar, maybe it’s just me seeing things, maybe I’m just being and a-hole, oh well.

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Earth Gang ft. Mac Miller – Monday


Do I even need to write anything? Atlanta based hip-hop outfit Earth Gang has a new single featuring none other than Mac Miller himself, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Spring time is coming, so roll down your windows for this tip. They’ve got a mixtape set to drop entitled “Torba” (lifted from an ancient Ethiopian tribe) and they’ll be slotting out a new track every day until it’s eventual release later in the week. So give them a follow on soundcloud and bump this tune all night long.