Neon Indian: VEGA INTL. Night School


“… The atmospheric anchor amidst the layered lunacy is Alan Palomo’s infectious charismatic presence. The pace is consistently schizophrenic. Instrumental interludes blend in to songs mid-hook, beats drop and leave baselines exposed, only to morph in to entirely new arrangements. The effect is intoxicating; VEGA INTL. is a dystopian club crawl, and the centerpiece on every stage at every venue is Palomo. Different suit, different beat. It’s impossible not to become lost in the world he has created, Palomo feels everywhere at once.”

Check out the latest release, “The Glitzy Hive” below.

Neon Indian’s third LP is due out October 16th. Preorder the album on itunes.

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Neon Indian – The Glitzy Hive


Braids: Taste (Official Video)


A week ago today, Braids came home to Calgary. I had cleared my schedule weeks in advance for the occasion due to how impressive of a performance they displayed the previous time I witnessed them live. That day, I craftily faked sick at work in order to be dismissed in time for the concert and it was the best decision I’ve made. The concert was incredible; perfect vocals, timely synths and a drummer that literally is second to none (seriously, the dude was amazing). So I vowed to see them again. I lived up to that promise on September the 29th and once again, it was a performance better than any I’ve ever seen. It now feels like an obligation to spread the letters B-R-A-I-D-S to as many listeners as I possibly can. So here I sit, urging you beautiful, open-minded folk to watch the brand new, very honest music video for “Taste” here.

PS: remember the words “open” and “minded”. Enjoy!

Buy Braids’ new album Deep In The Iris 




Dromes Featuring Steffaloo

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 18.55.54

Here’s some chillwave to get your week kicked off. Dromes is an Orlando, Florida based producer with a knack for fantastic indie dreampop and mashups. His latest single, “Never Going Out” features the lovely Steffaloo and it’s a fantastically blissed out compliment to your chill arsenal.

Dromes – Never Going Out (ft. Steffaloo)

Dromes – Doo Without (Lauryn Hill & Dromes Mashup)

Avicii: Ten More Days


When the moniker Avicii is mentioned, it is natural to automatically associate it with heavy synths guided by kick drums at approximately 127bpm. But, I have so much respect for the Swedish producer due to his lack of boundaries when approaching music creation. He sets no guidelines or templates for himself and simply makes music according to how he feels because who gives a f*ck what people think. Art is about the expression of oneself; Art should not be catered to the viewer’s preference. Listen to “Ten More Days” here:

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Avicii – Ten More Days

(I despise uncredited vocals so for anyone wondering, the man who stole all our hearts with his voice in “Ten More Days” is Zak Abel)

Camel Power Club – Ourson

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 19.05.32

Camel Power Club’s latest single, “Ourson” features the Blues legend Eddie James “Son” House Jr. The sample they use from the late great Blues singer is an incredibly stripped down affair that really digs deep into the soul. It’s called “Grinnin’ in your face” and it makes you feel like you might be sitting on a bench next to Eddie James House in Mississippi during the 1920s.

CPC does a fantastic job reinvigorating House’s sample to lift it up to something more positive.

Camel Power Club – Ourson

Listen to Son House’s original track here:

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald: See You Around Again


In Calgary, many believe that the music scene is non-existent–others believe that the scene is one of the best and you simply have to find it. Although I agree with the latter, I find myself arguing that the music scene should not be similar to searching for the holy grail; It should just be there, out in the open for the world to admire. However, in recent times I have discovered more and more artists with immense talent,  such as Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, who walk or have walked through the same streets that I do. So to my past self who was frustrated with having to work to find good music in this amazing city, I say, if this is the kind of gold I can discover from digging through this mine called Calgary, then sign me up. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Listen to Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s live rendition of “See You Around Again” here:



Coast Modern – Hollow Life


Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp are the LA based producers behind the new band called Coast Modern. “Hollow Life” is their first single and it’s a swaggering summer anthem for autumn. Looking forward to more from these two chaps.

Coast Modern – Hollow Life

Troye Sivan: Ease ft. Broods


When I heard Troye Sivan’s recent single “Ease”, it began to make total sense that Caleb Nott was involved in the production of this collaboration. I said to myself–“this is such a Broods beat”. I am yet to do more research on the background of “Ease” however from hearing the instrumental, it seemed like a safe assumption to make. Troye Sivan and Georgia Nott opted to sing parallel to one another with Georgia picking up higher notes and Troye balancing her vocals with lower vibrations–a perfect collaboration.

With the amount of quality music been released from Troye’s camp, I think it may be time for people to start taking him as more than just another youtube star. Troye Sivan is an artiste. Listen to “Ease” here: