New O.J.Hodding single: LOTN

OJ Hodding BW

Just got passed the new single from O.J. Hodding called “LOTN” (aka “Land of the Nobody”). This track includes some guest appearance of a few rappers in Hodding’s UK circle (MP Dilla of Cloude Atlas, and Joe Mechanoid). The song also features the some backing vocals from Shaé; you might remember her voice from O.J. Hodding’s track “Naturally Pt. II”

O.J.Hodding – LOTN (feat. Cloude Atlas, Joe Mechanoid)

Sudan Archives – Come Meh Way


Here’s something new from LA-via-Cincinnati violinist/vocalist, Sudan Archives. She cites a range of influences from Sudanese fiddlers and West African rhythms to experimental electronics and R&B. It all adds up to something spectacular.

Sudan Archives – Come Meh Way

Living Glory

Living is a four-piece Norwegian band who make self-described “zen-pop” music. I don’t know what “zen-pop” is, but their new single “Glory” sounds like a tripped-out 70s inspired psych-rock anthem. And it’s pretty zen as well.

When talking about writing the track, the band said that it started as an attempt to cover the 90s summer hit “Steak My Sunshine.” I feel that.

Living – Glory

Camel Power Club – Kaffeklubben


Camel Power Club have just released a new single called “Kaddeklubben” to promote their second EP, Baïkonour (out June 23rd).

Kaffeklubben is named after the island in Groenland, the most septentrional place on earth. The band admits that the track is about a journey. “We’ve not decided yet if it’s a travel or a love story, but it’s not important. We wanted to build a track without verse/chorus because there is no repetition on a journey, and to end it on a Pirate’s choir that we’ve recorded with friends, 7 guys singing together in a room. As we wanted the track to be simple and instinctive we recorded each instrument in one take, and added a honky piano and mouth organ.”

Whether you are on a long road trip across deserts, or just chilling at the beach, this is an essential track for your summer playlist.

Camel Power Club – Kaffeklubben

If you like the track, you should check out the Camel Power Club Kickstarter campaign to raise money to put Kaffeklubben on vinyl:

Chillwave Wednesday CXXXVII

Chillwave Wednesday 2017

We’re starting this week’s chill off with an absolute banger of a track from Flume’s new album. Then we’re not looking back. Get your swerve on with a sick remix of a classic by illstrd flips of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.” We keep the nostalgia tip going with a remixe of TLC, “No Scrubs.”

But it’s not all about old classics. We’ve got a new one from Hercules & Love Affair and an exclusive remix of Aaron Taros from Hale is Dead.

See Playlist and read more about the artists

New Release: Theatre Of Delays – Myth

Theatre Of Delays

Berlin-based electronic producer, Theatre Of Delays has just released a new chilled out track called “Myth” and I think you are going to like it. The artist suggests that you should “listen to [the track] if you also had a hard day at work, or if you’re at the beach watching the sunset or even at home behind your computer.” Basically… you should listen to this anywhere.

Theatre Of Delays – Myth

Fresh Friday Mix: Project Pablo

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 22.16.53

Project Pablo (aka Patrick Holland), is a DJ and musician from Montreal, Quebec (that’s Canada don’t ya know).

Inspired by the depths of dollar bins and adult contemporary, his records cover a wide spectrum of energy and dance music sub genres. Outside of solo endeavours, Holland co-pilots ASL Singles Club and SOBO, releasing collaborative efforts and music from friends. Two years ago, Holland was featured as the 27th guest DJ on Baka Gaijin (which means “Stupid Foreigner” in Japanese… but the blog is based in Dusseldorf I believe so figure that one out!). Anyway, the mix is pretty sweet, so we thought we’d featured it here for you to make you happier. Haven’t you learned so much from this post?!

Oh, and by the way, 2017 will see Project Pablo travelling extensively through Australia, Mexico, USA, and Europe so if you live in one of those wonderful countries, you should go check him out and stuff.

27th guest mix by Project Pablo from Montreal.

Hot Collars

Hot Collars

Hot Collars are a new band in town from the UK and they are looking to use some 50s and 60s sounds to get your summer pumping this year.

They’ve recently teamed up with The Go! Team to bring you a catchy new remix of their first single “Tongue Tied” and it’s a reimagining that interweaves elements of dance, pop and electro indie that elevates the original.

Get involved!

Hot Collars – Tongue Tied

Hot Collars – Tongue Tied (The Go! Team remix)

Hot Collars – Tong