The New LoFi

Ten Years

March 2023 Mixtape

We’re in East London this month to share a new mix of music in the sub genre of Jazz Exotica. We’ve got almost two hours of new music jazz, soul and psychedelic music from El Michels Affair, Sudan Archives, Photay, Sven Wunder, Surprise Chef, Tenderlonious, and Biig Piig.

We kick the whole mix off with a Les Baxter tune called “Quiet Village” from his 1952 album, Ritual of The Savage.  This track is one of the pillars of jazz exotica for me — a little bit of Hawaiian sway, and a whole lot of big band jazz. I think you can trace a lot of music on this mix back to this sort of composition… and even though it is over 70 years old now, I feel like it still sounds fresh today. 

But before we get into the mix, here are a few featured videos from this month’s podcast:

The new Bulgarian Cartrader video: LAB

The bonkers new video for Sudan Archives’ new single, “Home Maker”

Check out the full playlist below with links on how to support each artist.

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March 2023 Mixtape Playlist

  1. Les Baxter – Quiet Village (04:10)
  2. Alex Goose & Matt Zara – SINCE I LOST YOU (07:26)
  3. Sunbörn – Dancing In The Dusk (10:38)
  4. Bitchin Bajas – Amorpha (16:30)
  5. Gitkin – El Millonario (22:56)
  6. Motel Club – Poser des mots (feat. Cindy Pooch) (25:49)
  7. Sven Wunder – Stars Align (28:59)
  8. Surprise Chef – Spring’s Theme (33:00)
  9. JK Group – Rising Part I (36:07)
  10. Kibrom Birhane – Mender (41:17)
  11. Shotnez – Dose A Nova (47:05)
  12. Lisa LeBlanc – Dans l’jus (52:30)
  13. Dina Ögon – Ficktjuven (57:07)
  14. Rogê – Existe Uma Voz (01:01:13)
  15. strongboi – cold (01:04:49)
  16. The Diasonics – Balance (01:09:00)
  17. El Michels Affair – Kabhi (feat. Piya Malik) (01:12:19)
  18. Bulgarian Cartrader – LAB (01:14:57)
  19. LAVA LA RUE – Hi-Fidelity (feat. Biig Piig) (01:17:46)
  20. Sudan Archives – Home Maker (01:20:30)
  21. Rozarc – Bullet Game (01:25:10)
  22. Photay x Carlos Niño – Feeling, Now (01:27:39)
  23. Sampology – Rain (01:31:04)
  24. Tenderlonious – Still Flute (01:36:36)
  25. Sun Ra x Armonica – Door Of The Cosmos (01:41:31)
  26. Daphni – Clavicle (01:47:09)
  27. Carola – Move For Me (feat. Libutti) (01:49:49)