The New LoFi

Ten Years

May 2024 Mixtape

Hope you enjoyed the electronic mix from last month. We’ve got something slightly different for you this month. Something that leans more into the spring vibe. This month’s mixtape includes just over an hour of indie, jazz, psychedelic, soul and a tiny sprinkle of atmospheric electronic towards the end. 

We’ve got new music featuring Jungle, Vegyn, Gianni Brezzo, Fabiano do Nascimento, Sam Gendel, Godtet, Lucien Johnson, John Carroll Kirby, Scoobert Doobert, Keegan Del Rio, Echo Thrills and many more. 

But before we press play, here are a few music videos from this month’s mix:

Jungle’s Incredible video for “Coming Back”

Some more smooth dance moves in Vegyn’s latest vid

Vibes on the new Sholto music video for “Vampire”

And finally, vintage skateboard moves for Lean Low’s video for “Fat Stack”

The Monthly Mixtape is also available on iTunes, and Stitcher.

Also, check out our Ten Year Anniversary album in beautiful translucent yellow vinyl. Also available in a limited-edition marbled blue vinyl as well. If you want to give the record a sample before you buy, have a listen on our mixtape special podcast here.

May 2024 Mixtape Playlist

  1. Samantha Lindo – Bloodline (Marla Kether Remix) (08:15)
  2. Lucien Johnson – Ancient Relics (13:13)
  3. JUNGLE – Coming Back (18:41)
  4. Echo Thrills – Sunshine (21:56)
  5. Vegyn – The Path Less Travelled (24:24)
  6. Vilde – Subpar sentiment, cracking skin, a gene forgotten so long ago (27:56)
  7. Scoobert Doobert – watercolor sky (31:06)
  8. Keegan Del Rio – Dwelling (34:34)
  9. SHOLTO – Vampire (38:38)
  10. Cousin Kula – Poisoned (43:03)
  11. Cavolo Nero – Voulez Vous (46:46)
  12. Bokoya x Gianni Brezzo – El Cielo (50:30)
  13. Blundetto – La puce (54:32)
  14. Captain Planet – For Sumo (57:07)
  15. Fabiano do Nascimento x Sam Gendel – Foi Boto (59:32)
  16. GODTET – Womens Choir (01:02:33)
  17. Seb Wildblood – delusion illusion (01:04:55)
  18. Lean Low – Fat Stack (01:07:37)
  19. Elkka – Passionfruit (feat. John Carroll Kirby) (01:10:48)
  20. John Hayes – Winged (01:16:23)