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Producer & multi-instrumentalist, John Hayes, releases new single to announce upcoming EP

Denver-based multi-instrumentalist, John Hayes, announces his new electronic EP entitled Bloom this month. The lead single off the album is called “Winged” and it aims to set the listener flying.

Hayes has been known for his subtle ambient compositions but on Bloom, he takes a massive lead forward fusing atmospheric pianos and dizzying synths with pulsating, deep-house rhythms. “Winged“, perfectly illustrates Hayes’ musical evolution.

“This was the first song written for the EP,” says Hayes when talking about the upcoming EP. “It’s a track that really came together quickly. I like to write a lot by making a drone and then just improvising on my piano over it. The piano and harp really carry the track and once those fell into place, the rest of the track really came together quickly.”


John Hayes – Winged

Cover photo by Aaron Robert