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Vegyn announces sophmore album: “The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions”

Joseph Winger Thornalley is one of those producers who you are familiar with their work even if you don’t know their name. Perhaps you’ve heard the production work he did for Frank Ocean’s albums Blonde or Endless. Or you’ve heard his contributions on albums for Travis Scott and JPEGMafia. Or maybe you know him more from his solo work under the Vegyn moniker (his single “Debold” was in a lot of places in 2019/2020). Or maybe you heard him feature as the last track on our mixtape this month. Either way, if you’ve been on the internet in the last 10 years, I’m pretty sure you would have come across his work.

This month, the British DJ / producer announces his second full-length album — entitled Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions — which is set to release on April 5th. The tracks lead single, “The Path Less Travelled” has been leaked with this super simple yet super sweet video directed by Joshua Gordon. The film is set on a street corner in London where dancers @wrldwidemanny and @wrldwidejaden do a lowkey street shred.

This is not the first time Vegyn has worked with Joshua Gordon. At the end of 2021, he teamed up with Gordon to create a similar video for his single “I wanna mode this yah know [151 BPM]” which starred Saskia Horton and Celine Fortenbacher. Both videos centered around an everyday locations (a plain living room or an ordinary street corner) and both videos featured dance to compliment the music.

Head over to Vegyn’s Bandcamp page to pre-order the new album.

Vegyn – The Path Less Travelled

Vegyn – I wanna mode this yah know [151 BPM]

Vegyn – Debold