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Ten Years

Sonos and Google Assistant team up to create a multi sensory exhibition in search of brilliant sound

The Brilliant Sound Experience is a multi sensory exhibition featuring the sound of Sonos, with the utility of Google Assistant. The installation showcased a fan-favourite song by The National, and a track from Slowthai’s debut album Nothing Great About Britain in order to demonstrate the range and power of its audio. The experience aimed to uncover the key elements of brilliant sound through an interactive light installation which assigned each instrument to a separate space in the room. You could walk over to the light that represented the percussion or stand by the vocals or rub your hands over the guitars – and it was all controlled with your voice by using Google Assistant.

The New LoFi was invited to the London opening of The Brilliant Sound Experience where we got to talk to the organizers as well as hear Slowthai talk about his experience coming up as a rapper and what inspired him to write his debut album, Nothing Great About Britain.

slowthai – Nothing Great About Britain

“At Sonos, we want to inspire the world to listen better, which is why we’ve created an experience that lets guests physically step inside the inner workings of songs by The National and slowthai. The installation breaks the music down into its component parts and animates it with light – exposing every detail of each song and revealing the magic that happens when its many elements come together.”

Visitors also have the chance to see for themselves the effect that music has on the brain through a second installation which allows you to wear an EEG headband that measures how your brain reacts emotionally to sound realtime and projects a visualisation on the screen in front of you real-time.

When I first put the headband on, I didn’t think anything was happening. Then someone in the background gave a little cheer, and my visualization perked up. And although I didn’t feel I had full control over the visuals being projected on the screen, it definitely was following my feelings.

The National – Rylan