The New LoFi

Ten Years

Post-apocalyptic pop-noir by NYC-based duo, R. Missing

Last week, the NYC-based duo, Sharon Shy and Henry Frost (aka R. Missing) released their brand new single called “New Present City.” We first came across the two alternative electronic artists in 2018 with the release of their debut EP “Unsummering.” Ever since then, we’ve been eagerly following their rise, most recently with their dreamy, pop-noir single, “Placelessness” (a colaboration with Canadian producer, Pilotpriest and German producer, The Field).

Over the following years, they’ve managed to carve out their own unique post-apocalyptic pop-noir sound. Think: Chromatics meets Jan Hammer meets Glass Candy.

“New Present City” begins with a simple drum machine pattern before the vocal track enters from far away and the bassline begins to emerge. A dystopian cityscape starts to come into view: “New Present City, why did you spare me?”

The track is brought to life with the accompanying video, directed by French cineaste, Dominique Eyraud. Starring Emilie Lacape and Nel Jude Lene, the music is filmed in Charleroi, Belgium and follows the characters around the new present city.

R. Missing – New Present City

Video directed by Dominique Eyraud