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Ten Years

Duval Timothy teams up with Max Valizideh to create a claymation video for his new single, “Slave” (featuring Twin Shadow)

Duval Timothy and Max Valizadeh tell the story of how our creativity can get taken hostage in his new video for “Slave.” The claymation video opens with Duval working through his music at the piano. A cute baby audio file arrives as a result of his work but before Duval is able to appreciate his creation, a lawyer and an industry A&R barge into his house and put it in shackles. After listening to Pharrell on the radio speak about the importance of owning your music, Duval goes on a journey into the heart of the music industry to find that thousands of audio files have been shackled up and are being exploited.

Talking about his inspiration for the track, Duval says “many artists have famously spoken out about the importance of owning their masters and have also equated elements of the music industry to slavery such as Prince and Nipsey Hu$$le. These artists are depicted on the peak of the mountain in the end sequence of the video, which I climb to join them.”

“The story is an adaptation of my own experience in the music industry,” continues Duval. “In 2019 I bought back my own masters, which was my mountain to climb.”

Duval Timothy – Slave

Head over to Duval Timothy’s website, Carrying Colour to support the project. There are even some handmade plasticine figurines from the ‘Slave’ video that you can purchase. I love the cute little clay music file figure.