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Ten Years

The evolution of the neo-soul with J.Lamotta’s new album: Suzume

Today we’d like to highlight the new album from Berlin-based producer and composer, J.Lamotta. Originally born in Tel Aviv to a family with Moroccan roots, J.Lamotta studied jazz in New York before settling down in Germany.

For her latest LP, Suzume, J.Lamotta enlisted over twenty musicians to record across four different studios in Berlin. She cites Bill Withers, Sun Ra, and Dilla as influences, and you can certainly see their influence on the smooth sounds of the single: “Back In Town.”

On the featured single “Turning,” J.Lamotta describes the featured single, “Turning,” as a bit of storytelling. “In my mind, the song is a camera that takes in first a wider perspective of humanity and existence,” describes J.Lamotta, “and then zooms in on my personal world, feelings, and love story.” 

You can buy your copy of the Suzume LP on the J.Lamotta Bandcamp page.


J.Lamotta – Back In Town

J.Lamotta – Turning

J.Lamotta – About Love #1 (Dilla Tribute)