The New LoFi

Ten Years

March 2024 Mixtape

This month we are carrying on with the eclectic music from all over the world with a mix of psychedelic French indie, Turkish funk, and American desert rock. It’s sort of an evolution of last month’s mix of tropical exotica and jazz.  But this mix has a low key swagger all the way through.

Look out for new music from Headache, Dina Ögon, Monster Rally, Hether, Vanishing Twin, Helado Negro, and many more.

But before we get into the mix, you should chekc out the new album from The Breathing Effect called Eli & Harry — we’ve featured one of the singles from that album on this month’s mix… it’s called “Shake It Up” and it’s around 11 mins into the mix. And also, have a look at this trippy new Helado Negro video for their single “I Just Want To Wake Up With You”

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Also, check out our Ten Year Anniversary album in beautiful translucent yellow vinyl. Also available in a limited-edition marbled blue vinyl as well. If you want to give the record a sample before you buy, have a listen on our mixtape special podcast here.

March 2024 Mixtape Playlist

  1. Flavien Berger – sapon (02:46)
  2. Dina Ögon – Glitter (05:55)
  3. Helado Negro – I Just Want To Wake Up With You (07:55)
  4. The Breathing Effect – Shake It Up (11:33)
  5. Vanishing Twin – Afternoon X (14:50)
  6. La marche bleue x Flavien Berger – drizzlecore (18:21)
  7. Monster Rally – Moon Flower Bloom (Captain Planet’s Dub Remix) (22:14)
  8. Psyché – Manea (25:17)
  9. Hether – Nature Boy (30:00)
  10. The Fabulous Three – Nightbird (33:19)
  11. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Mas O Menos (35:27)
  12. Gata Galactica – Septiembre (39:24)
  13. Thee Heart Tones – Forever and Ever (44:44)
  14. Nate08 – Hold Up (47:43)
  15. ddwy – Naini’s Call (50:18)
  16. Frankie Reyes – En Mi Barrio (56:49)
  17. Headache – Miss Understood (58:58)