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Ten Years

Six songs for invisible gardens: a love letter to plants from LA-based producer Olive Ardizoni

Six songs for Invisible Gardens is Green-House’s debut EP and it features a mixture of electronic synths and nature recordings. The intention of the record was to transform your listening experience — to augment your home with sound. The music is designed as a communication with both plants and the people who care for them. It hones in on a special type of relaxing bliss — a lullaby for plants.

Songs are named after the plants they conjure: Peperomia Seedling, Sansevieria, Parlor Palm…. and the release is available in both vinyl and cassette tape. The cassette tape version has got a cool twist as well. All the tapes are housed in wild flower-could become the beginning of a wild flower garden.

“Parlor Palm” and “Soft Meadow” might be considered the “hits” on the album, but this is really a record where the beginning and the end of songs is indeterminable. You should listen to the whole album as a whole.

Green-House is the musical project of Los Angeles based artist Olive Ardizoni. As a non-binary artist, they hope to create a space with fewer barriers as both a performer and a listener. Stream or buy Six songs for Invisible Gardens on the Green-House Bandcamp.

Green-House – Soft Meadow Green-House w/ Olive 20.02.2020

*Album art and design by Michael Flanagan