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Ten Years

Tim Carman Trio pays tribute to his former teacher, Bob Gullotti, with his take of this deep cut jazz tune

The Tim Carman Trio is no-frills, timeless, B3 organ trio jazz. Tim Carman plays the drums, Ken Clark is behind the organ, and Steve Fell is on guitar. Their music harkens back to an age of honest, raw, musical interaction and takes inspiration from the iconic old-school 60s sound.

The idea to start the trio came last year after the death of Carman’s former teacher and mentor — legendary jazz drummer, Bob Gullotti. While quarantining in a New Hampshire log cabin, Carman took a deep inward dive and began to re-examine some of his favorite recordings from his high school days. One of the first albums he fell in love with was ‘Cracklin’’ by Booker Ervin and Roy Haynes (an album which was given to him by Gullotti when he was a junior in high school). Like all of us that had a little bit more time to reflect during lockdown, Carman thought it was the perfect moment to start something that involved his talents and passions. He had a serious jazz itch, and with a wide open schedule, decided it was the perfect opportunity to scratch it. And so began The Tim Carman Trio.

For the trio’s debut single they took a track off of ‘Cracklin — a classic Ervin and Haynes jazz track called “Scoochie.” It’s a tribute to Carman’s early days of drumming and the influence Gullotti had on his formative years by adding his take of this deep cut jazz tune.

Tim Carman Trio – Scoochie (cover)