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Ten Years

Carly Paradis teams up with Director Shelley Hopkins to create the video for her third single: Binaural Glass

A year ago we covered the release of Carly Paradis’ new album, Nothing Is Something. “The Crushing Weight of History” was the first single off the album and it featured vocals from Jonas Bjerre and a powerful orchestral rallying call asking humanity to stop destroying our planet and face the challenges of the climate crisis.

Six months later, Paradis created a lockdown video for the second single off the album, “I Can’t Wait to Get Things Started.” The track features vocals from Polarbear and dozens of artists in isolation each playing their separate parts. It all comes together in musically and visually in this wonderfully simple video directed by the Lynch Brothers.

This month, Paradis teams up with Director, Shelley Hopkins to create a short film for the third single from the album. The single is called “Binaural Glass” and the video creates a mesmerising montage of glass in its liquid state.

Carly Paradis – Binaural Glass