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Your LoFix #5 – Soothing Beats for the Mind

Welcome to The LoFix, a column to share some LoFi & ChillHop that I’ve recently discovered and love. Giving you that fix of chill; something we all need regularly. And if you’re feeling the tracks, do share them with your…

March 2023 Mixtape

We’re in East London this month to share a new mix of music in the sub genre of Jazz Exotica. We’ve got almost two hours of new music jazz, soul and psychedelic music from El Michels Affair, Sudan Archives, Photay,…

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Lucy Dacus is pictured on stage, flanked by her band, at The Palace Theatre in Calgary Alberta. Behind her, screens displayed her "Home Video Tour" VHS logo can be seen. She is holding her guitar and singing.

The kids will be alright: Lucy Dacus and Haley Heynderickx live in Calgary

Dacus’ voice acts as a salve to the fresh wounds of youth, steady and low, soothing the raging storms both inside and out. Her band rises and falls between garage-rock fuzz and quiet intimate moments. Effortlessly connecting with her audience through sing-a-longs and whimsical banter, Dacus shifts from rockstar to bunk-bed BFF with the flick of a chord change.

“Music for Fifteen Emails” —– A new album inspired by the empty streets of coronavirus-stricken New York City

For the album, Hewitt set out to document his experience of lockdown in New York City. As New York became more and more deserted, he went out with a field recorder to report how the sounds of the city changed. And while the premise was rooted in documenting the present, the project was very heavily influenced by the minimalist Japanese kankyō ongaku movement from the 1980s.

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