The New LoFi

Ten Years

November 2023 Mixtape

This month we keep the autumnal music rolling from last month with another hour of jazz, soul and psychedelic from around the world. New music from Say She She, Sven Wunder, Surprise Chef, Yazmin Lacey, Planet Ibiza, Elephant Stone, Louie Rubio, Web Web, and many more.

But before we jump into the mix, here are two interesting videos we’ve picked out from the line up for you:

Say She She’s excellent music video for their new single, “C’est Si Bon”

Interesting animated video for “Microdosing” from African Head Charge

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November 2023 Mixtape Playlist

  1. La Lom – El Sueno (03:41)
  2. Planet Ibiza – dibulla (07:40)
  3. Alexander IV – Musica (10:43)
  4. Michael White – Journey Of The Black Star (13:28)
  5. Sven Wunder – Harmonica and…. (16:04)
  6. Yazmin Lacey – Late Night People (19:43)
  7. Say She She – C’est Si Bon (22:00)
  8. Elephant Stone – Lost In A Dream (28:47)
  9. Louie Rubio – Find Your Light (33:05)
  10. African Head Charge – Microdosing (36:26)
  11. I.B. Sundström – Vågornas skum (40:00)
  12. Web Web – The Ring Of (Part Three) (41:41)
  13. Leon Phal – Fuck Yeah (42:49)
  14. The Comet Is Coming – FREQUENCY OF FEELING EXPANSION (47:42)
  15. Move 78 – But What If We’re Wrong (52:20)
  16. Sai Galaxy – Rendevous (56:00)
  17. Surprise Chef – Spiky Boi (01:01:05)
  18. Les Imprimes – I’ll Never Leave (01:03:45)
  19. Jalen Ngonda – If You Don’t Want My Love (01:06:56)