The New LoFi

Ten Years

Ten Year Anniversary Mixtape

The New LoFi is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a 10-track compilation featuring 10 of our favorite artists from the past decade. This month’s mixtape is dedicated to the 10 artists that will be featured on the album. The New LoFi’s founders, Damon and James reminisce about the blog and talk to each artists on the record. It’s like a mini-listening party for the album.

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And here are some other links of stuff we talked about in the podcast and the playlist below:

Ten Tear Anniversary Mixtape Playlist

Side A

  1. Star Parks – Palm Sunday (06:44)
  2. Old Smile – Unknown Mind (17:30)
  3. Eric Harvey – Tried & True (26:09)
  4. Inspired & The Sleep – Smiles For Adoption (34:04)
  5. Conveyor – Wry Thing (38:52)

Side B

  1. Crystal Fighters – Champion Sound (54:30)
  2. Yelle – La Musique (01:01:26)
  3. LUXXURY – Set Me Free (01:04:10)
  4. KAUF – When You’re Out (01:11:11)
  5. Theatre Of Delays – Black Ballet (01:14:44)

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