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Ten Years

Dennis White reworks one of the most well known samples — “Good Life”

I don’t usually gravitate towards artists who are Grammy award-winning composers — I’m more into the unsung heroes of the underground. But when this new single from Dennis White (aka Latroit) came across my desk, I couldn’t help myself. The trouble with artists that have been garlanded with awards and positions of music greatness sometimes is that they can become stuck in their ways. So despite the fact that this certified Platinum-selling producer, composer, and performer has contributed to the world of electronic music for the past three decades, his music is still accessible and fresh today.

The track that caught my attention is a new remix using a sample from “Good Life.” Latroit teams up with Will Clarke, Groove Terminator and the Soweto Gospel Choir to repurpose one of the most catchy samples of all time — “good life, good life, good life…..”

Check out the new single below and then look out for Latroit’s newest project, ‘History of House,‘ — the story of House music and Africa’s influence on the genre through Latroit’s ears over the past 30 years.

Inner City – Good Life ( Latroit remix featuring Will Clarke, Groove Terminator and Soweto Gospel Choir)