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“Bird Dogs of Paradise” — Jaimie Branch’s follow up to her record “Fly or Die”

FLY or DIE II: Bird Dogs of Paradise is Jaimie Branch’s follow-up to her 2017 debut FLY or DIE. With her second album, the trumpeter and composer sets her sights on social injustice in contemporary America. And for the first time, we see Branch singing on the record – a nice compliment to the horn section.

“So much beauty lies in the abstract of instrumental music, but being this ain’t a particularly beautiful time, I’ve chosen a more literal path,” explains Branch. “The voice is good for that.”

On the album’s second track “Prayer for Amerikkka pt.1 and 2” Branch calls out “a bunch of wide-eyed racists” between trumpet ad-libs and a backing track filled with down-tuned blues. Branch’s trumpet is always the lead – sometimes soft and pleading, sometimes confident and overwhelming – but her voice acts as a grounding device throughout.

Check out a couple of singles from the album below and then get your copy of FLY or DIE II: Bird Dogs of Paradise on vinyl (featuring cover art by John Herndon) at the Jaimie Branch Bandcamp page.

Jaimie Branch – nuevo roquero estéreo

Jaimie Branch – simple silver surfer