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Ten Years

Genre bending producer Volz teams up with Kam Doja, OG Spliff, and Hollow Creeper to create a new single that combines hip hop with deep house vibes

The North Carolina native and multifaceted producer, Volz relishes in the challenge of combining diametrically opposed genres. With all of his skill in music being self-taught, Volz’s customized stylism can be heard within his melodic instrument placement, and lyrical storytelling. His music wears the “genre-blending” label with pride.

For his new single, “Me & U” he’s teamed up with Kam Doja, OG Spliff, and Hollow Creeper to produce an upbeat track that blends jazz, hip hop, and deep house. The music video for single was shot and directed by Bosha NoVart, and produced by NoVart Fims.

“This track was made to convey some cool romantic energy for the listener to connect to,” explains Volz when talking about the new single. “It’s like when you’ve fallen for someone who is just as smooth and dope as you are!”

“Me & U” appears on Volz’s debut album: Look Boo, The Stars Are Out which is out now.

Volz Me & U (feat. Kam Doja, OG Spliff, and Hollow Creeper)