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Ten Years

The new “Gravity Waves” EP features some beautifully atmospheric jazz

We just got passed this wonderful six-track EP from Melbourne-based producer and composer, Liam Gubbins (aka L Lewis). The EP is called Gravity Waves and it combines elements of ambient electronic with atmospheric jazz.

I began writing the music as a creative outlet that differed from my studies in Jazz,” says Gubbins when talking the idea behind the album. “I spent months producing the music and messing around with drum machines and synthesisers. I then took the music into the studio with a great group of musicians and that initial session responding to the synthesis became the basis of the album.”

Gravity Waves transitions through ambient jazz, downtempo/ trip hop, occasionally hinting at elements of fourth-world electronic crossover. Check out two of my favorite tracks off the album below, and then head over to the L Lewis Bandcamp to get a physical copy of the EP.

L Lewis – XL Voyager

L Lewis – Iridium