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Ten Years

Printworks London to reopen with new event concept: Redacted

No social media, no cameras and no artist announcements.

That is the concept behind the new event announced by Printworks London earlier this week. It’s the perfect celebration for our long overdue return to the dance floor; a totally stripped back experience that lets the listener focus on the music. No distractions, no social media, just a carefully curated selection of world-class artists in a world-class venue.

“Artists and agents have joined together in supporting our vision of delivering three distraction-free shows,” explains the venue. “Each [night] celebrates a different element of the dance music spectrum.”

And while the line-up for each show will be kept under wraps until the night, the club has given us an idea of what kind of music we can expect. The first night of the series will kick off on Friday, September 17th with what the venue is calling the “Late Night Movement” — a night of underground and adventurous electronic producers.

For fans of Circoloco and Edible, Saturday will include some dance music heavyweights. The night is being called “To The Floor.”

The series is capped off on Sunday with high-energy MCs and non-stop energy at 140bpm with a dnb night being called “Low End Theories.”

Tickets are still available for the last night and can be purchased on the Printworks website