The New LoFi

Ten Years

Dreamy new psychedelic rock from Israeli producer, Monad

I love finding music in unexpected places. This time it’s finding lo-fi psychedelic rock in Israel composed by Tel-Aviv-based producer, Eshchar Nachmany (aka Monad).

Nachmany began his musical journey in an isolated house in the countryside in a homemade studio that he built from scratch. After remodelling and modifying broken tape machines and synthesisers that would allow him to construct layered soundscapes, Nachmany went onto release 2 EP.

In 2023 the project explores a retro-futuristic aesthetic, dragging the past into the future. It evokes the sounds of 60’s jangle pop, 90’s shoegaze and 00’s electronica; all melted together into a fuzzed-out, melodic psych rock composition.

His latest single, “Light In An Empty Room” came from a new writing process Nachmany was playing with — writing a song inspired by a visual. “I stumbled upon Hopper’s “‘un in an Empty Room’ and something in it immediately deeply resonated with me,” explains Nachmany when talking about how he started writing the new single. “There’s an introspective quality to that painting. It is a direct influence for this song, which like the painting deals with feelings of otherness and isolation (on the inside and on the outside) in its own way.

Stream “Light In An Empty Room” below and check out his last EP, Dissolution on Bandcamp.

Monad – Light In An Empty Room

Photo by Tamir Moosh